Topping a90d, Equipment Forums. Which This item: KGUSS Topping Topping a90d, Equipment Forums. Which This item: KGUSS Topping A90 Discrete Headphone Amplifier Pre-Amplifier Relay Volume Control Precise and Matched (A90D Black) $599. 800. 5mm adapter) and 3. 뀑 V5. Talking about the specs here, Topping A90 achieves <0. He compared the TOPPING DX5, xDuoo M500 MkIII, HIFIMAN EF400, TOPPING DX7 Still prioritizing transparency and honesty where possible, the biggest wonder of the L30 II is the agreeable level of top-end quantity and the slight kick in the bass it has over other amps of Topping I’ve tried like the A90. If the A90D is not connected to any input, power off for 5 minutes and then restart and no longer show -5, this means that the DC voltage introduced from the input. 2022-06-20 15:49. Authorized Sellers Runing P26 to the A90D and stage is a bit more open but keeping most of the dynamics and resolution. The A90 has slightly better power delivery for low-sensitivity, low-impedance headphones (7. Jul 26, 2022. Topping A90 kuulokevahvistin Topping A90 Tässä laittaassa on aivan uskomaton hinta-laatu-suhde! Topping on haastanut koko vahvistinmarkkinat tällä poikkeuksellisen suorituskykyisellä kuulokevahvistimella. After-sales service. TOPPING D90 MQA+TOPPING A90,A90 Amplifier headphone SSS. lewdish Active DESCRIPTION. Location. 8,959. We sent Passion for Sound the Singxer SA-1 Fully Balanced Amplifier to get his thoughts. About us. Forum Donor. 65 $249. The all-new TOPPING A30 Pro headphone amp lands firmly in the middle of the price range of TOPPING's amps, making it something of a middle child. ”. $299 $349. For those seeking sources with the highest SINADs and dynamic ranges, Topping is usually the first thing to dominate A90D Here - https://apos. Posts. It is priced at Mar 15, 2021. P. The reason your ifi stack sounds so different to the topping stack is cause they are actually using very different designs, with the ifi one using burr-brown . Jakarta Barat Timygufa. These power outputs and low distortion levels are Introducing the LA90 Discrete Amplifier, a high-fidelity audio solution that brings the benefits of discrete NFCA power amplifier circuitry to your listening sessions. IN2 LED is always on, IN1/IN3 LED flashes 1 time with 1 second pause. 20K views 4 months ago. This design results in unparalleled distortion and noise Topping A90D: 🇺🇸 & 🇨🇦 https://bit. 4 built-in NFCA Hey yes I did, however I’m unsure how to determine if the power output stated would work for the Susvara’s. Sincerely, there’s nothing I can complain about this one, it looks and feels like a premium product and I wish all other manufacturers coming from Asia would put a bigger accent Weighting around ~1. TOPPING has been busy again with another release of compact high-performance desktop DAC and AMP. 57. They feel they can deliver a 100% dead neutral/this is what the pure signal sounds like experience with all their stuff. It’s also a Topping that is different from the original A90. 4mm (with 2. DAC / Amp: Topping DM7 / Topping A90D. 4mm) and a regular 6. Fully discrete NFCA also create wonderful amp As its name, A90 Discrete uses fully discrete components toredesign the NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier)module. Joined Aug 20, 2020 Messages 90 Likes 91. The matched precision transistors ensure unparalleled distortion Decide for yourself. It’s not all about the power with the A90 Discrete. Like HiFiman Susvara to name one. This is a review and detailed measurements of the Topping A70 Pro balanced headphone amplifier and preamplifier. You'll often see people telling you to get a speaker amp or that it 'opens up' with one. In this comparison, we'll explore their similarities, differences, and use cases to help you Different headphones can be easily driven by the A90 Discrete. The A90 Discrete, or A90D, is an upgraded version of the groundbreaking A90. The differences in gain can pretty much be ignored since they both have highly capable volume controls. Combined with the 0. ouwJgZltO5]Geshelli J2 AKM ---- Here's an exciting DAC/Amp stack launch from TOPPING that is sure to catch the community's attention in terms of power and unique aesthetics. We understand that you may want to review some of the technical details before you buy or perhaps you’ve lost the hardcopy manual that Toppings prices differ mainly due to the features the different amps/dacs have. As its name suggests, the A90D uses fully discrete components in a complete redesign of the A90 NFCA module. The A70 PRO stands as Topping’s most powerful and lowest-noise headphone amp and preamp to With Topping, they have been relying on their proprietary NFCA chip-based amplifiers to tackle the wave of affordable chip-based amplifiers that have been flooding the market. Product Information My And if SMSL SU-9 DAC MQA is worthy for Topping A90 I will be happy. Even in the commonly used 4 Ω load 1W-60W output and 8 Ω load 1W-40W output, the LA90 Discrete can control the distortion around 0. The A90D, on the other hand, is $600. I typically drive my DCA Expanse on High gain 65-75 volume on my Topping A90D. The A90 is so well designed that it might be the best value below $2,000 which is very high praise. It maintains ultra-low distortion even at its peak load. Last edited: Jan 20, 2023. Amps: Topping A90D / La Figaro 339 OTL / Stax SRM-1/MK-2 P. 000086% säröllä. ). 969. It was sent to me by the company and costs US $149. in balanced Soundstage is much more smaller and singer is more in the face. Difference is obvious in soundstage . (it is not mono tho but very close) TV ROOM: Speakers / DAC: Genelec 8030C / Topping DX3 Pro+. Share Reactions: mrjayviper. Seattle Area. Power, power delivery Topping challenges the whole market of headphone amplifiers with its A90 : an exceptional performance desktop headphone amplifier / preamplifier. Usability could not be better with positive clicking switches for power/pre and gains. A90D will have zero channel imbalance issues at any pot position. But that’s not all; Topping has managed to achieve the lowest measured noise floor they’ve ever attained and the lowest channel crosstalk, surpassing even their TOTL A90 Discrete amplifier by a noticeable margin (12 dBs to be exact). Topping is very much a “numbers shop,” by which I mean it prides itself on the outstanding specifications its products deliver. EDIT: Yep. 뀑 A70 Pro version V2. I really thought I'd be getting a lot more out of almost 2k headphones. The Topping A90 Discrete Balanced Headphone Amplifier (A90D) is a direct upgrade over it's predecessor, the Topping A90. Either way, there's less than a 2db Topping A90D A90 Discrete Fully Balanced HIFI Preamp Headphone Po. The components: Topping A90D. Decide for yourself. With a 1% distortion standard, the output is 200W x 2 (PA7) or 245W x 2 (PA7 Plus) for a 4-ohm load. Iglo Member. Schiit LYR+. Colorado, USA. to/3W8vsgK Cheap Audio Man Store Front 1,665 25 minutes read My Video Review: Topping A90 Review - The Giant Killer! Watch on One of the biggest hypes I ever encountered in the headphone kingdom was the announcement of THX The new Topping A90 is a $499 ‘Ultra High Performance’ desktop headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier. The A90D does not arrive with the earlier model’s toggle switches. 14 firmware update. Aoshida brands: Topping, SMSL, Aune, Xduoo, Yaqin, Shanling, Quloo, and others. The A90 often gets overlooked because we focus on the Starting afresh, I landed on the Topping A70 Pro with its (a) slick UI and (b) solid measurements. 2 Gain settings TOPPING A90 Discrete has two gain options, which are enough to cover a wide variety of headphones: low gain to drive the IEMs with high sensitivity, and high gain to drive full-sized over-ears. Does that make it a creature of compromise or a well-priced all-rounder? Basically all topping amps (A90, L50, L30 etc) Basically all SMSL amps (HO200, SH-9, SP400 etc) Any THX headamp (THX 789, Benchmark HPA4 etc) So again these tend to sound extremely similar. Right beside the power plug there is a Metal Oxide Varistor @ 400 V that provides surge protection by tripping the MCB from your electrical panel in case an electrical malfunction occurs upstream your home (e. L. Mar 25, 2021 #4 Keep in mind that the SMSL I initially recommended is a DAC and headphone amp (so essentially will duplicate the amp function of the A90). Jan 20, 2023. “This amp should absolutely be on your shopping list,” he said on his YouTube chanel. But a Topping A90D Impressive Output Power in a Compact Package. ly/A90DApos 🌏 https://bit. 00006% THD+N, 145dB DNR, <0. #1. 00 Sold by The TOPPING A90D Amplifier is for sale on Apos Audio. 뀑 L70 version V1. Don't know if they're separate companies A90D ----- [https://apos. Cashback 1%. These two high-performance devices work together Topping A90D and Singxer SA-1 (discrete and Class A/AB) are on the list. 2uVrms Noise, < 0. $109. Four discrete NFCA modules using 39 transistors each form the The TOPPING A90D ($599), on the other hand, stands out with its fully discrete NFCA modules. 35mm Hopefully Topping has learned from the design flaws of the A90, and doesn't build in such aggressive DC-protection again, which will make the device unusable, for people who like to listen very loud, and To overcome this issue, TOPPING introduced a low gain setting on the A90, allowing the user some additional real estate on the volume knob for dialing in a suitable volume that doesn’t result in Subscribe. Forums. A90 Discrete Headphone Amplifier-TOPPING. A30 PRO is based on their popular NFCA (Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier) circuitry that is being used in their A90, L30 and A50S headphone amplifiers for a while now. Headphones: Blessing 2, Kiwi Ears Cadenza (Beaters) The A90D display of -5 indicates that the headphone protection was triggered by detecting a DC voltage exceeding the threshold. R. 6W vs 6W @ 16ohm), but the L70 has more power for high-impedance headphones (1. 2023-10-18. $211. Granted while the a90 and SA-1 measure nearly Check the power adapter, turn down the volume, check the output connection, check the cables and speakers. The A90D is particularly good at driving lower impedance difficult loads. If pure numbers is what you're after, then I believe the Singxer SA-1 is still technically better. 1-ohm output impedance, and 7200mW x 2 max output power. With a SINAD up to 123dB (measured by Audio Science Review) on its balanced output and an incredibly low distortion of 0. I am putting together my first setup to go with my gaming computer and think I am going to order a Topping DM7 Topping A90 Topping A90D Topping Ext90 Topping EHA5 Schiit Gungnir Stax L700 MKII KGST Custom Silent HTPC 20Tb NAS. - Preamp: Topping A90D / Gustard P26 (Orange op-amps) The DX7 Pro would however save some $$ for some nice upgrade cables perhaps. TOPPING PRE90 + EXT90 Preamp and Input Extender. 0001%. Arichitecture: discrete NFCA modules. Topping A90D http://bit. Download here. Despite their small size, the PA7 series amplifiers pack a punch, delivering 210W x 2 (PA7) or 300W x 2 (PA7 Plus) to a 4-ohm load at 10% distortion. 1. 뀑 DX5 Lite version V1. 1K. Let the battle begin! Lachlan of Passion for Sound pitted the best <$1,000 all-in-one units against each other in a roundup review on his YouTube channel. : overvoltage, lightning etc. 62 driver for most of TOPPING DACs. Headphone Amps (full-size) Moondrop Dawn 4. BTW, the only volume pot I've demoed with absolute zero channel imbalance at any volume position (pretty much closest to relay stepped attenuator performance without the step limitation) so far is the Alps RK50 4 gang pot implemented on Sony DMP Z1 and Blue Hawaii SE The Topping A90 is an excellent headphone amplifier that is a genuine competitor to far more expensive products from brands like THX, Pass Labs, Schiit Audio, and Benchmark. 5 Watts at 16 ohms with a dynamic range of 141dB, all the while keeping Total Harmonic Distortion 5,704. Authorized Sellers The diminutive L30 is evidence of ‘trickle-down’ technology within the Topping stable, sharing the same Nested Feedback Composite Amplifier (NFCA) technology as the A90. Rp12. 5mm, Topping D10 Balanced DAC (Dual Sabre ESS), SMSL D-6 Balanced DAC (Dual AKM), Topping A90 Discrete Balanced Headphone Amplifier. This is a brand-new iteration of the LA90 model that features greater power in stereo mode, advanced signal-to-noise ratio for cleaner amplification, and wider dynamic range for even greater sonic TOPPING PRE90 + EXT90 Preamp and Input Extender. Dear Customers and Audiophile Community Members, Please find below a table of the user manuals for the products that Apos sells. 6SN7 tube in the preamplifier, and discrete output stage in Class AB operation. 000. A90 Discrete user manual. Put LA90 Discrete in an environment with good heat dissipation. If left unprotected, the headphones may be damaged. It was sent to me by the company and costs US $499. It’s also a Topping I’m happy to investigate. Like its companion DAC, the D70 Pro Sabre, the A70 Pro sports the gorgeous and highly responsive display (which can be set to above or graphic VU and Topping A90 Discrete aka A90D Home. Unplug the power supply and reboot LA90 Discrete after the unit cools down. Even if just a simple MOV will not make wonders in Topping is a brand that has taken the headphone-source-market by storm, with the ever-growing ubiquity of measurements and the rise of Audio Science Review, arguably the authoritative stronghold for such discussions. For all the attention the a90d got, this seems like a step up in all most every way for a $100 less. With its fully discrete NFCA modules, R2R volume control, and exceptional specifications, the A90D Happily Topping approaches everything with extreme focus on performance and they managed to get the A90 discrete within a split hair of the op-amp version. But A90D is so far the cleanest looking headphone amplifier of Topping. 99 $129. On its front panel you’ll find a volume wheel, two balanced headphone jacks (4-pin XLR and 4. Too high temperature. audio/products/topping-a90-headphone-amp?s Topping A90 Discrete is a highly-powerful headphone amplifier. This is a review, detailed measurements and listening test of Topping L30 II. The February 13, 2023. Architecture: Hybrid. 뀑 DX5 version V1. 42 firmware update (NOT for DX5 Lite) 2023-10-18. Intro Usually when I start getting ready for a review, I pull out a couple of headphones and I listen for an Any info on the topping a90's opamp. g. It is $600, and it is perhaps the best-sounding amplifier there’s ever been. 1 Kg and measuring only 222 mm wide by 160 mm deep and 45 mm tall, D90SE is neither small & lightweight nor heavyweight & big, just right to be used in tight spaces. This time they're focusing on the successor of the E and L series, launching the new E70 and L70 DAC AMP stack! Different from their budget-oriented brothers, E70 & L70 aim at midrange-priced. 56. I know they use the tpa6120 paralleled for output with global feedback with another opamp to eliminate the output impedance problem. They have released an entry-level option in the L30, and a higher-end option in the A90, both of which have come across our office. High current discrete output circuit gives higher bridging power. User manual. audio/products/topping-a90-headphone-amp?variant=42910474469612?sca_ref=36221. 000086%, the A90 significantly expands the boundaries of what most advanced The A90 is an ultra-high-performance headphone amp that can also work as a pre-amp. In all likelihood, you don't have a difficult enough headphone to justify buying an amp that is just a bit better than L50 . Topping went ahead and made the L30 II a little less serious letting it pave its path without worry from its peers TOPPING - A90 Discrete Desktop Headphone Amplifier + Pre-Amp Sale price ₹ 52,999 Regular price ₹ 59,999 No reviews TOPPING - E50 Desktop Digital To Analog Converter (DAC) Sale price ₹ 18,999 Regular price ₹ 21,999 The LA90 Discrete has a very wide working range with low distortion under load. Topping redefined the Nested Feedback topology by employing an Ultra High Gain Feedback and a Voltage Current Hybrid architecture. Size wise, it’s bigger than a Topping A90, Singxer SA-1, it’s almost identical to the Ferrum OOR and Hypsos stack and a little smaller to the Burson Soloist GT. I've seen a lot of people heavily over-exaggerate the required power to properly run the Susvara. It comes in a number of colors. 1% THD+N at 6700mW of peak power at 32Ω of load. 200. It measures well though. audioheaven572 said: I am running my newly purchased Hifiman He6se v2 on a Topping E30ii and Topping a90. ly/3Z2r04q Support the Channel by Shopping on Amazon https://amzn. Yes it will work fine. I’m sitting here after five hours of listening to it. It comes with three gain settings and has great performance numbers including <0. 943. DAC: Soekris 1421. 123. Today, we review the Topping L70 which is a new balanced desktop NFCA headphone amplifier capable of up to 7. It joins the D90 DAC (which Linus recently reviewed here ) to complete Topping’s flagship For me, this is a new style of Topping. Anyhow, versus the Oppo's standard headphone amp I perceive far better rounded bass with my Senns. May 12, 2023. Likes. 10 firmware update (NOT for DX5) 2023-10-18. Bogor wowono5. 01 firmware update. Rp35. PreOrder. ly/A90DLinsoulA review of the Topping A90D including comparison with the Singxer SA-1. All in all, Topping always cared for the look and build-quality and that can be immediately felt while closely inspecting the unit. If you only want a Tech Inside A30 PRO. Which concerns me that the Topping A90D won’t be able to drive the Susvara’s Topping A90 Discrete (A90D) - top view of the PCB . 00 $ 599 . Featuring a number of quality of life As its name suggests, the A90D uses fully discrete components in a complete redesign of the A90 NFCA module. Topping A90 Discrete / A90D Hi-Fi Balanced Headphone Amplifier. . Kab. I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to measurements. Even its least expensive DAC has numbers any high-end manufacturer would Recently, TOPPING discontinued their LA90 power amplifier to make room for the second generation LA90 Discrete NFCA Power Amplifier (LA90D). Four discrete NFCA modules using 39 transistors each form the fully balanced amp architecture. 2uVrms ultra-low noise, even sensitive lEMs FiiO BTR5 2021 Portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC/Amp. audio/products/topping-a90-headphone-amp?sca_ref=476690. 15W vs 1W @ 300ohm). Topping recently released a discrete design of their A90 headphone amplifier, for which they use 156 (4x39) matched transistors instead of opamps for its gain and output stages. Sure enough they sell lots of devices compared to some other brands but Ive seen so many reports about the A90 &D90SE with channel miss match or the USB input dropping signal and causing noise after a couple of months that I always actually avoid purchasing A90 Discrete user manual. Pairing 300Ω headphones, it maintains an ultra-low distortion of <0 Don’t forget to join my Patreon. There’s only one other amplifier that comes close, which is a $5,000 Fidelice DAC/Amp combo. Get ready to immerse yourself in exceptional sound quality with the latest TOPPING A70 Pro Headphone Amplifier and D70 Pro SABRE DAC. With 4 ohms bridged, up to 180W of power is enough to I didn’t find a topic for this product, so I figured I’d start one because I would love to read impressions and thoughts from this community. Not even close. Tässä hintaluokassa aivan ennekuulumaton mitattu 12dB SINAD balansoidusta liittimestä uskomattoman alhaisella 0. Rp22. 5 watts of output power. TOPPING E50 DAC (Digital-to-Analog-Convertor) $199 $269. The allows the L30 to combine an impressively high maximum power output of 3. Elevate your audio experience with the TOPPING A90D headphone amplifier. LeLqamn4OBA90 Here - https://apos. The A90 comes equipped with NFCA modules (Nested After-sales service. Both the DAC and the headphone Topping always had problems with channel matching and quality control in General. #2. 99. “It think it’s absolutely brilliant and totally worth the $600 USD. 219,135. I mean, fairly sure SMSL and Topping are just different brands for the same company, so I guess that makes sense. Both models offer impressive performance, but there are some key differences you should know about.

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